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Dialects of Tamil language

Project plan

Tamil as a living language over the past several millinea has several hundred dialects. We shall identify them in the following categories (approximate):

1. Dialects of Kovai, Madurai, Chettinadu, Chennai, Tanjavur, Tirunelveli, Jaffna etc.
2. Dialects of the caste group Brahmin, Pillai, Chettiar, Goundar, Dalit etc. (this obviously a branch of regional dialect but distinct with their own flavour).
3. Dialects of immigants to Tamilnadu such as Telugu Naikars, Naidus, Chettiars, Palgat Brahmins, Kannada immigrants etc.
4. Dialects of Diaspora Tamils such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mauritius.
5. Dialects of those who learnt Tamil as a second language with a distinct mark of their mother-tongue with it.

Obviously there are more categories that we are not aware of.
It is a fact that each one of us carries with us one or more dialects of Tamil. We request you to transfer that dialect in digital media. This will be a wonderful show piece to the world about the richness of Tamil. Obviously, NRI, NRS kids will immensly benefit from it by listening to it. The variety and richness may fascinate them and may make them to speak this language. Naturally, this will be a wonderful piece of resource for the language researchers.
What you need to do is use your imagination and record a piece that runs for 30 sec. to 1 min. Most computers come with voice recorder as a basic facility. We prefer to have mps or rm format for obvious reason of accommodating more voice recording in small server space. Hence we encourage you to upload your dialect recording in your homepage (or that of your friend, working place) and give us the URL (the exact file path). We request you to present us with your photo (75x75 pixels) in GIF or JPG.
We present here dialects of few invited speakers.

Naturally, you are welcome! with your dialect

Send your voice mail today with your dialect

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